What is the Motivated School?

Boy JumpingThe overarching aim of the programme is to promote a better understanding of the nature and effect of motivation on learners by:

  • Affording teachers the opportunity for self reflection
  • Examining the types of learning environments in the classroom
  • Enhancing our grasp of the theory and practice of motivation
  • Equipping teachers with the tools and skills to create motivating climates
  • Allowing a sharing of ideas and evaluating current approaches
  • Assimilating these ideas into the larger context of current child centred learning and teaching initiatives

It will help teachers:

  • Understand themselves and their pupils better
  • Re evaluate their approach to pupils
  • Make their classroom more engaging
  • Make the job more enjoyable

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Motivating Every Learner explores the interactions between teachers and pupils, presenting new ways of engaging young people in learning.

The Motivated School is relevant to teachers, educators and management seeking to develop their skills in motivating young people to learn