Energy for Learning Programme


The Energy for Learning Programme introduces pupils to the framework provided by the learner needs and learning stances to help them make sense of their own motivation and better regulate their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviour. It will also help pupils to evaluate the class dynamics and how it impacts on their learning as well as how they impact on the class.

Pupils shape their lives from the inside-out but within the possibilities and constraints of the school which shape their lives from the outside-in. The programme aims to attune to and understand pupils from the inside looking out rather than from the outside looking in.

The programme provides pupils with a vocabulary to describe their attitudes to learning as well as the motivations underlying their behaviour. Through the structured activities, pupils develop increased awareness of the impact of their attitudes and behaviour on themselves and on the class.

By examining their own learning stances pupils start to explore their behaviour and consider the reasons behind the choices they are making; as they gain insight into the emotions and experiences underlying their stances they are encouraged to see behaviour as changeable and within their own control.

Pupils have a crucial, but seldom acknowledged, role in creating the classroom climate and supporting or eroding teacher morale. They often, however, have little awareness of this dynamic. Pupils think that grumpy teachers are just grumpy people. Pupils need to be informed of their role in creating the classroom climate and influencing teacher motivation. Peer relationships are critical to wellbeing and poor interaction among peers is one of the most significant drainers of pupil motivation and means a vital element of the learning process is undermined.

This programme helps teachers to deliver many of the Wellbeing outcomes. The materials will provide a framework within which aspects of the Well Being curriculum can be explored, ensuring depth and cohesion in the learning process. Each of the lessons will also help teachers to deliver many of the Literacy and English as well as Expressive Arts outcomes.

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