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The Motivated School


The Motivated School makes teaching more enjoyable by helping staff to better understand themselves and their pupils, and to make classrooms and learning more engaging for pupils.
The Motivated School materials now link to the 4 capacities identified by Curriculum for Excellence.

The Energy for Learning Programme


This curricular pack introduces pupils to the learner needs and learning stances; it gives a shared vocabulary with which to explore how pupils influence the classroom dynamics. It also describes and measures the 4 Energies for learning that shape pupil wellbeing. These energies map directly onto the 4 Capacities.

The Learning Stances

The Motivated School helps pupils to recognise which of the seven Learning Stances they regularly adopt in the classroom and why they do so; it leads them to an understanding of how to move themselves out of negative stances and into more positive ones.
Teachers also have opportunity to develop their own understanding of the needs of pupils who take up negative stances and can explore strategies for assisting pupils into more positive stances.


"Pupils who adopt a 'Hiding Stance' need teachers to scaffold their participation by providing appropriate challenge whilst protecting them through clarity of expectation: teachers need to help them to see themselves in terms of their strengths rather than their weaknesses..."

The Classroom Climates


The climate in any classroom is dependent on several factors.... The Motivated School asks questions about how pupils, teachers and support staff are experiencing the classroom....

The materials also provide opportunities to consider whole school and playground factors and give managers invaluable insight into improving motivation for everyone.

The Teaching Styles


The Motivated School materials afford teachers the opportunity to identify and reflect on their preferred Teaching Style.
The materials also help teachers to identify the best style to use with particular classes and the most useful style to adopt in response to the stance being taken up by an individual pupil.

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Motivating Every Learner explores the interactions between teachers and pupils, presenting new ways of engaging young people in learning.

The Motivated School is relevant to teachers, educators and management seeking to develop their skills in motivating young people to learn