Quiz - Motivating Your Class

Teaching Styles cover a lot of facets including teachers'
  • attitude to pupils
  • personality
  • characteristic behaviour, actions and emotional expression
  • interactions and relationships with pupils
  • affective presence, the behaviour and feelings they elicit in pupils
Most significantly, the teaching styles mediate a teacher's authority and communicate how much pupil autonomy they will support.

What is your Teaching Style?

It is important to complete the questionnaire before reading about the different styles.

I am the kind of teacher who...

The three styles

  1. The Soothing style is caring, protective of pupils, relaxed and easygoing. It carries the danger of being too soft or permissive with pupils
  2. The Pushing style is challenging and demanding and sets high expectations. It carries the danger of being too authoritarian and boxing pupils in.
  3. The trick is to get the balance right, to be flexible rather than too loose or too tight. The fundamental goal for the teacher is to communicate to pupils that they are on the pupils' side, and open to compromise and negotiation. The more they are able to do this the more Attuning will their style will be.

The soothing and pushing styles can slip into defensive teaching reactions. An over-soothing teacher may be popular with pupils but will fail to provide support and challenge. Similarly an over-pushy teacher may be respected and feared but will have casualties in their classes.

Motivating teaching involves using the full range of teaching styles flexibly through attunement. It is not a question of your own discrete style, implying that you have only one. It is more a case of a fluid movement between the styles. It is how one moves between the styles that makes each teacher's style unique.

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